Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rainbow Thread Organizer

Hello! Sorry for the gap between posts. I was on a little vacation... 

Recently, my father and I collaborated to create an awesome rainbow thread organizer. This project was inspired by this beautiful Rainbow Spool Rack from Robidou:

I think that the colored pencils are a great idea, but I wanted to be able to store bobbins as well as thread, so I needed to use something thinner. I used plain wooden dowels instead. My father did all of the constructing. I just painted everything. I painted the frame black to match my desk and chair.

Long before I actually started sewing, my grandmother gave me her sewing machine along with some thread. The blue thread that is on the wooden bobbin is one from her. I wish I knew how old it is.

I hung my ladybug pin cushion on a couple extra pegs for easy access. I made it using the Bitty Bug Pincushion tutorial from goody-goody. I just added an elastic band to the bottom so that I can wear it on my wrist while I sew.

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  1. I love your bitty bug! Thank you for sharing!