Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ideas and Inspiration: Quilts

I have been thinking about tackling a quilting project. I am accumulating fabric to make a queen-sized bed quilt, but I think need to practice some smaller quilts/blocks first. I have found some really cool (and free!) resources on the internet. Here are a few:

I started making these right before exams. (Not a good time to start a project...) I have finished one of the quilt blocks and just need to sew together the last four pieces of the other. I will post them soon!

This Craftsy class is free! I learned from the lovely ladies at the Artisan's Square Sewing Forum that when you first register for Craftsy, you can purchase as many classes as you like for $25 each. That is a huge discount!

This is what made me first get interested in quilting. I always thought of quilts as very old fashioned. These blocks are anything but old fashioned!