Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fold-Over Clutch

I ordered a pattern for a fold-over clutch that I found on Etsy from a pattern maker named Ali Foster.  You can find her shop here. The pattern is great! The instructions are clear and there are pictures to show each step. I highly recommend Ali Foster’s patterns.
This clutch took me about four hours to make- a perfect Saturday afternoon project for me. The hardest part was the top stitching. Sewing Tip Learned the Hard Way #2: Top stitching turns out much better if you use the straight stitching presser foot.  The straight stitching presser foot looks like this:

Photo from Here...
The button the on the front is just decorative. The clutch has a magnetic closure which was very easy to attach. (I am still a little bit afraid of zippers... More on that later. )
In addition to being super cute, it is the perfect size for the daily essentials.

What sewing tasks you are afraid to tackle?


  1. Ha! I'm afraid to tackle anything that requires a sewing machine. I look forward to more posts from you though. Perhaps I'll get inspired enough to try some of my own.

  2. Don't be afraid of sewing machines! Mine has only stabbed me a couple of times...