Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have reached the point in life where many of my friends are having babies. One friend had a little girl a couple of months ago. It was impossible to resist making something cute for her to wear. I found a pattern for adorable tiny baby booties.  (Why do we use extra adjectives when talking about baby stuff?) Get the pattern here.

I wanted to make sure that the baby had something to wear her shoes with, so I made her an appliqued onesie, as well.

Another friend has a Christmas due date. I made booties and matching onesies for her baby shower that I attended earlier today. I had to make a University of South Florida onesie; both of the parents-to-be are alums. Go Bulls!
The colors look different in the three photos, but it is the same fabrics. Promise. I got the idea for the tie from another blog, Crap I've Made. You can get the tutorial here.

In addition to a baby shower today, I also attended the first birthday party for my best friend's son. Using leftover fabric from the baby stuff, I made the birthday boy a shirt to wear for his party. Which do you think he loves more: the shirt or his cake?
I learned something new while making the birthday shirt. Sewing Tip Learned the Hard Way #3: Fabric stabilizer makes an applique on a knit fabric look so much cleaner and nicer. I used Sulky Totally Stable. (Well, I used it on the second half of the last project...better late than never!)

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