Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Life is stressful. I have recently discovered that sewing is a great way to relax. There are many reasons why I love to sew: Sewing requires me to focus on a task so that I cannot worry about everything else. I can sew in the comfort of my home at my own pace. Sewing makes me feel productive and I create beautiful things that I can share with others.

This last point brings to me this blog. I love to show off my creations! I am also really grateful for all of the skills and ideas that I pick up from browsing other crafting/sewing blogs. Hopefully this record of my sewing adventures will be helpful to others as well. 
Allow me to share with you one of my first projects:

This my first sewing creation of which I am proud. I found the pattern on the Chronicle Book Blog. I love free patterns! The featured book, 1,2,3, Sew, by Ellen Luckett Baker has been added to my wish list. 
I made the black and cream version of this reversible tote first. Being my initial attempt, there are many imperfections. The black flowered side (the inside in this photo) turned out a little bit bigger than the houndstooth side. Rather than fixing it, I tried attaching the two sides as is. It caused some bubbles where the sides are sewn together. I also had trouble with the part where the strap meets the bag. I think that both issues were caused by not cutting out the pattern very carefully. Sewing Tip Learned the Hard Way #1: Always take your time and cut your patterns carefully. 


The second attempt is much more polished. I am also in love with the flowered fabric. When I saw it, I could not resist even though finding a complimentary fabric for the other side of the bag was quite a chore. I am still not convinced that the stripes are the best choice, but it is too late to change my mind now

What was your first sewing project?

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will visit again.

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