Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baby's Crinkle Skirt

Front view

One of my friends has a little girl named Molly that is six months old. (I previously made her a matching onesie and bootie set that you can see here.) I do not know much about babies so I was very entertained to learn that babies love toys that make crinkly noises when they touch them. Armed with this knowledge, I thought it would be very cute to make a skirt for Molly that crinkles. Then she can play even if she doesn't have a toy in front of her.

Back view

\Once, I had a plan, the skirt was fairly easy to construct. I knew that I wanted individual pieces that Molly could grab and crinkle and I knew that I wanted it to be super cute and I knew that I wanted the back to be plain. Maybe a tutorial later...
Inside of the front

I bought way too much material at the craft store because it is hard to comprehend just how tiny baby clothes actually are. But it was nice to have extra for the trial and error of designing from scratch.

I was very pleased with how the skirt turned out. Some of my stitching is crooked, but I think that the overall concept works well. I really love the pink tulle hidden under the crinkle panels, but next time, I would add more!

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