Friday, January 6, 2012


Recently, a friend and I went on a scarf making frenzy. We started with infinity scarves using a tutorial from Simply Dove.
These scarves are super simple. The one shown here was made out of a flowy, thin material. We also made them out of knit and they all turned out very nice.


Then, we found a great tutorial for a knit scarf from Make It and Love It.
Make It And Love It
The directions were pretty clear, but I have a couple of extra tips:
  • When you are cutting the knit fabric, the direction of the grain/stretch matters. Along the scarf, the grain should be horizontal. Along the small strips of fabric, the grain should be vertical. This makes the strips curl nicely.
  • Stacking the material neatly keeps the knit from stretching too much when you feed it through the machine.
  • Watch both sides of the scarf carefully to ensure the fabric strips are laid out flat when you sew the two sides of the material together.
All done!

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